The fall season in Seattle has been GORGEOUS thus far with lots of Beautiful Fall colors and sunny fall days!  However, this week has been very cold and rainy making warm comforting meals sound really good every single night!  After a rainy drive home from church, we arrived home chilled and hungry!  Not wanting to wait an hour for lunch I needed to make something quick and warm to feed my Chris, my friend, and myself!  I knew just the thing…at least I thought I did.  I had actually never made this dish before…oh well!  I just went ahead with it and hoped for the best…and it turned out pretty good!

I first saw this recipe  for Taiwanese Pork Noodles at Steamy Kitchen and thought I simply had to try it!  I changed a couple things and added a few things to make it my own and the result was a quick (25 minutes from start to finish) and light recipe that was really yummy and great for any cold day when you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen!  It is actually EVEN Better the next day warmed up as leftovers!
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