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Pumpkin Pudding with Toffee Crisp Topping!


I am thankful for many things this year including my family, friends, and each and every one of you who takes the time to read this blog and support and encourage me!  It really means a lot when you visit, leave a comment and make my recipes!  So THANKS TO YOU!!!  Now on to the recipe!

I had a can of pumpkin in my cubboard that was saying to me, “hey…it’s NOVEMBER!  Use me in something delicious!!!”  So who am I to deny a can of pumpkin its very destiny!  I wasn’t really in the mood for pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie (we are not really crust people) so I decided to try something new!  Pumpkin Pudding!

Pumpkin Pudding it turns out is very much like Pumpkin Pie filling which worked out great for us as that is my favorite part of the pie anyway!  However I did want to spice it up a bit as this was the only destiny this can of pumpkin was EVER going to have and FAR be it from me to let little Pumpy (yes I named the can of pumpkin) down!  SO, I decided to put a Crisp topping much like the kind my mother uses on her Thanksgiving sweet potatoes, on top of my Pumpy Pudding.  However I did not have any Pecans handy so substituted a little bit of crushed toffee for some crunch!  The result was this DELICIOUS and Very Simple concoction that may just become a fall tradition in our family and a future destiny of many Can’s of Pumpkin!  Lucky little devils!
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Mexican Chicken Soup…Perfect for a Cool Fall Evening!

A friend recently asked me to post a few more Fall Soup Recipes and I happen to have just made one that is Excellent!  It is really good for anytime of year and is INCREDIBLY easy to make!  It is also a very healthy meal and perfect for a cool fall evening!  This is a throw everything in the pot and dinner is ready in an hour kind of meal!   The soup is quite tasty on its own, but the secret to making it FANTASTIC is in the garnishes!  Sour cream, cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, avocados, chips, black olives, cilantro…the list is really endless!  I hope you will enjoy this quick delicious soup and that it will keep you and yours cozy and warm on many a wonderful fall evening!
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Feta Roasted Veggie Pizza…Goodness on a Pizza Pie!

One of the things that we eat quite often at our house is Roasted Veggies.  We eat them at least once a week and often more than that!  I love SO many things about roasted veggies!  I love the way they taste, the way they smell, the way they look, the way they TASTE, oh I already said that…but some things are worth saying twice!

Often I will chop up a bunch of veggies, roast some and then store the rest of the raw veggies in the fridge in a plastic bag ready for use another time!  Tonight my husband is at a meeting so I am on my own for dinner!  I had a bag of chopped fingerling potatoes, butternut squash and red onions looking at me from the fridge and I thought I would make a Roasted Veggie and Goat Cheese pizza!  Because my husband hates goat cheese I thought this would be a good chance for me to have some while he was gone!  Sadly we did not have any goat cheese, so I substituted Feta cheese and it still turned out Delicioso!

A little side note….potatoes are absolutely fabulous on pizza!

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Gooey Gourmet Caramel Apples!

The last installment of my Caramel Apple Series is here!  I know that making Caramel Apples at home is nothing super new or original, but it is really fun and really yummy, and if you have never done it…YOU SHOULD!  The finished products are great for entertaining, sharing, or giving as gifts!

My family lives in Cashmere, WA near Leavenworth, WA.  Growing up, when guests would come to visit us, we would take them to Leavenworth (a quaint Bavarian Village) to do the whole tourist thing!  Part of that experience for my family was stopping by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and each of us getting a little treat!  Often I would get a small Raspberry Caramel, which is one of my FAVORITE things, but sometimes my parents would splurge and get us each one of their gourmet Caramel Apples!  When I was younger, I always went for the Original apple covered with mini chocolate chips…SO GOOD!  As I got older I branched out and found a new favorite!  It is their Apple Pie Caramel Apple.  It is the original Caramel Apple dipped in white chocolate and then rolled in Cinnamon and Sugar!  Something about this particular flavor combo just DOES It for me!  If you have never tried it…it is something you simply MUST try!  I am not a real big White Chocolate Fan, but for some reason in this case I LOVE it!

This was my first attempt at making the Apple Pie Caramel Apple on my own and I have to say, it turned out JUST like the Rocky Mt. Chocolate Factory Apple…but WAY cheaper!  Ok…mine was not QUITE as pretty as theirs, but it tasted just as good!  I made 4 of this particular apple, and took two of them to my friends, the Mumley’s house as a hostess gift, wrapped up in wax paper, cellophane and a pretty ribbon!   Who wouldn’t be happen to get that?  Lucky for Chris and I, they cut up the apples and we all shared them together…yes that was my plan all along!  haha
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Caramel Apple Pie with Streusel Toffee Topping!

When I was in 8th Grade, I lost the class spelling bee on the world CARAMEL!  After correctly spelling words like mischievous, amateur, and hierarchy, it was down to just me and one other girl.  The class was getting restless as we were late for lunch due to the intense standoff!  My next word was Caramel, and as the class groaned at the simpleness of the word, knowing they were going to be a few more minutes late for lunch…I confidently stated C A R M E L…and class was dismissed!

Now, my bitterness about this sad spelling event  has waned and each time I eat a delicious Caramel Conconction, it wanes a bit more!   This Caramel Apple pie is one of our favorite family Fall pies and it is the second installation of my Caramel Apple Series!  I hope you will enjoy it as much as we have in all of its Caramelly Appley gooeyness!

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