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Turtle Cheesecake Truffles and my One Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

One year ago today I started this blog and it has been a really fun year of trying and sharing new recipes and interacting with all of you wonderful people via this blog!  I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and am looking forward to many more!  I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate one year with at Chocolate Covered Recipe and I chose to feature these Turtle Cheesecake Truffles adapted from Steamy Kitchen’s blog!  I made them for my Mother-in-law’s 60th birthday party and they were a huge hit!  They are easy to make and are absolutely STUNNING on the plate!  They are not overly sweet but are very rich and are perfect for a party!  They also keep very well in the fridge for a couple days if you need to make them ahead of time.

I ALSO thought I would start off my second year of blogging with my first GIVEAWAY!  I am going to make a batch of my Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies for one lucky reader!  The rules are simple:  All you need to do to enter is to be a subscriber of my blog and leave a comment on this post!  I will then randomly pick a winner and contact you via email to find out where to send the cookies!  This giveaway is unfortunately restricted to within the USA.  Good luck to all!

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Soda Cracker Delight…or the easiest “Toffee” you will ever make!

photo by my friend Matt Turner

This is an old school recipe that is still around for a reason…it is awesome!  I believe it has many names and many different versions and this is simply my adaptation.  I will warn you (don’t say I didn’t warn you) it is one of the most addicting desserts ever so you might want to make a couple batches…one for yourself and one to share with others!

I was first introduced to this recipe in high school at my friend’s the Eichler’s house!  Bethany Eichler is one of my oldest and dearest friends and this dessert is one of the many important contributions she has made to my life!  This is really an easy dessert but is impressive both visually and deliciously!  I hope you will try it this holiday season and that it will make a beautiful addition to your dessert table!

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Christmas Fudge

One of the things that I LOVE about the holidays is the traditional foods that show up year after year!  There are certain foods that actually taste like Christmas to me and this fudge is one of them!  I make it every year and if it didn’t show up on the holiday dessert table, I might be excommunicated from the family haha…well not really I hope!

It is easy to make, you just need to be patient!  I made two batches this year.  I made one Dairy Free Vegan Batch and one regular batch with a little bit of peanut butter added in to make it extra special…and it was!  This dessert freezes really well and makes quite a lot so it is great to make early on in the season and then take to share at all of your holiday parties!

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Scotcheroos…deadly deliciousness!

I was first introduced to this deadly dessert by my sister-in-law Amy!  This is one of those desserts that is so sO SO good…that I can now only make it when I have somewhere to take at least half of the pan!  If I let the whole pan sit on our counter or in our fridge…the results would not be pretty.  Between my husband and I, there would be…no…survivors.

This is an extremely simple recipe with only 7 ingredients!  It is a Rice Crispy Cereal Recipe and I think it can be found on the side of some of the cereal boxes or on their website!  It is really really good and even though you probably already know how to make this, if I am introducing this to even one person…then it is worth it!

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Gooey Gourmet Caramel Apples!

The last installment of my Caramel Apple Series is here!  I know that making Caramel Apples at home is nothing super new or original, but it is really fun and really yummy, and if you have never done it…YOU SHOULD!  The finished products are great for entertaining, sharing, or giving as gifts!

My family lives in Cashmere, WA near Leavenworth, WA.  Growing up, when guests would come to visit us, we would take them to Leavenworth (a quaint Bavarian Village) to do the whole tourist thing!  Part of that experience for my family was stopping by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and each of us getting a little treat!  Often I would get a small Raspberry Caramel, which is one of my FAVORITE things, but sometimes my parents would splurge and get us each one of their gourmet Caramel Apples!  When I was younger, I always went for the Original apple covered with mini chocolate chips…SO GOOD!  As I got older I branched out and found a new favorite!  It is their Apple Pie Caramel Apple.  It is the original Caramel Apple dipped in white chocolate and then rolled in Cinnamon and Sugar!  Something about this particular flavor combo just DOES It for me!  If you have never tried it…it is something you simply MUST try!  I am not a real big White Chocolate Fan, but for some reason in this case I LOVE it!

This was my first attempt at making the Apple Pie Caramel Apple on my own and I have to say, it turned out JUST like the Rocky Mt. Chocolate Factory Apple…but WAY cheaper!  Ok…mine was not QUITE as pretty as theirs, but it tasted just as good!  I made 4 of this particular apple, and took two of them to my friends, the Mumley’s house as a hostess gift, wrapped up in wax paper, cellophane and a pretty ribbon!   Who wouldn’t be happen to get that?  Lucky for Chris and I, they cut up the apples and we all shared them together…yes that was my plan all along!  haha
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