I do believe that CUTE food often tastes better than not cute food. Maybe that is why I love sliders so very much, because they are so darn Cute! I first had a version of these burgers at our friends the Garey’s for dinner. My friend Vanessa served us these amazing turkey burgers and since then I have made them many times for a quick and healthy dinner and changed up the recipe a bit here and there. It is really a basic burger recipe that you could flavor however you like…this is just one delicious option!

I chose to make this particular batch of burgers into Sliders as my husband had just bought me this slider press from Crate and Barrel and I wanted to try it out.

I do realize that I could simply form smaller burgers with my hands to create sliders, but seeing them all laid out the same size and so amazingly cute was totally worth the $12.99 or whatever he spent on the silly gadget!

So to celebrate the kickoff of football season, we cheered on our Seattle Seahawks to a win with Sliders in hand and the feta ranch sauce dripping down our chins. Both my dad and husband were making happy food noises while eating these…so I am taking that as a good sign! ¬†Also, please let me know what you think if you try them…I would love to hear from YOU!!!
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