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Filet Mignon with a Red Wine Cream Sauce

For Valentines Day this year we decided to cook a fancy dinner at home instead of going out.  In the past, Valentines Day has meant spending quite a bit on dinner and usually having some sort of fancy steak or fish dish which could be  hit and miss!  This year to save a bit of moola, I thought I would try cooking a fancy steak with a Red Wine Sauce at home!  I will be honest and say this is the first time I had ever purchased Filet Mignon at the Grocery store and was slightly concerned that I would ruin it!  However, this dish turned out really really good and the steak was tender, delicious and surprisingly EASY to prepare!  I can honestly say it might be making more frequent appearances in our house in the future!  I do have to confess that the SAUCE was the big hero of this dinner and I think it would have made Old Shoes taste amazing drizzled all over them!  It was that good!

I hope you will try this…I took a risk and experimented with this on a special occasion and it paid off big time!  If it had turned out yucky, we could have survived on the best Mashed Potatoes (recipe coming at a later time)  in the world along with some grilled asparagus ( made even better in the amazing SAUCE!)
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Chicken Feta Spinach Crepes, A Perfect Meal for Two!

My husband and I decided to start off the weekend by making brunch together, but could not decide what to make!  After a careful inspection of our kitchen and all of our options, we decided to make Savory Crepes for ourselves!  Now if you have never made Crepes before…please note that they are MUCH EASIER than you think!  YOU CAN DO IT!

It would be an understatement to say that I do MOST of the cooking in our household!  Aside from the occasional quesadilla or…lets be honest here and say a quesadilla pretty much sums it up, I am mostly on my own in prepping the food for our family!  Since I have been pregnant however, my husband has stepped up in a big way and has been helping me out much more with the cooking!  He has prepared us some delicious salads, grilled sandwiches, and is always helping me with the chopping and dicing and prep work.  I am very grateful to him for this help and know he will get more chances to use his new skills when our little baby arrives in July!

I also want to say that these Crepes were the start to a perfectly relaxing weekend together and I think that making brunch together on Saturdays may just become a tradition!  They would also be perfect for a stay at home Valentines Dinner!  You could even make Sweet Crepes for dessert afterward…Banana and Nutella, strawberries and Nutella, Cinnamon Apples with IceCream…the dessert possibilities are endless!
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