The last installment of my Caramel Apple Series is here!  I know that making Caramel Apples at home is nothing super new or original, but it is really fun and really yummy, and if you have never done it…YOU SHOULD!  The finished products are great for entertaining, sharing, or giving as gifts!

My family lives in Cashmere, WA near Leavenworth, WA.  Growing up, when guests would come to visit us, we would take them to Leavenworth (a quaint Bavarian Village) to do the whole tourist thing!  Part of that experience for my family was stopping by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and each of us getting a little treat!  Often I would get a small Raspberry Caramel, which is one of my FAVORITE things, but sometimes my parents would splurge and get us each one of their gourmet Caramel Apples!  When I was younger, I always went for the Original apple covered with mini chocolate chips…SO GOOD!  As I got older I branched out and found a new favorite!  It is their Apple Pie Caramel Apple.  It is the original Caramel Apple dipped in white chocolate and then rolled in Cinnamon and Sugar!  Something about this particular flavor combo just DOES It for me!  If you have never tried it…it is something you simply MUST try!  I am not a real big White Chocolate Fan, but for some reason in this case I LOVE it!

This was my first attempt at making the Apple Pie Caramel Apple on my own and I have to say, it turned out JUST like the Rocky Mt. Chocolate Factory Apple…but WAY cheaper!  Ok…mine was not QUITE as pretty as theirs, but it tasted just as good!  I made 4 of this particular apple, and took two of them to my friends, the Mumley’s house as a hostess gift, wrapped up in wax paper, cellophane and a pretty ribbon!   Who wouldn’t be happen to get that?  Lucky for Chris and I, they cut up the apples and we all shared them together…yes that was my plan all along!  haha

This recipe makes 5-6 CARAMEL APPLES

  • 5-6 medium size apples
  • 1 14 oz bag caramels
  • 2 Tbls Water
  • Any toppings you would like for your apples.  I used toffee pieces, Reeses Peanut butter MM’s, and chopped up S’more Cookies from Trader Joes.

Topping for Apple Pie Caramel Apples

  • 1/2 bag of White Chocolate Chips
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1 Tbls Cinnamon.
  • 1/4 tsp Nutmeg, optional, but I think it adds to the “Pie” flavor!

First step is to prep all of your toppings before you melt the caramel.  The White chocolate can be melted later as you need to let the caramel apples cool in the fridge before you dip them in the chocolate.  For this batch of apples, I used crushed Toffee bits, chopped up S’mores cookies, and Peanut Butter MM’s.  Variety is the spice of life afterall!  I also did a double batch and made 12 Caramel Apples.

Now Rinse your Apples in Warm water and wipe dry with a clean towel.  This step will help get any of the waxy coating off of the apples so that the caramel will stick properly and not drip off into an Apple Puddle!

Now Melt your Caramel over low-medium heat turning off the heat once it is all melted.  Stir often so it doesn’t burn on the bottom.

Now that the Carmel is melted, dip your apples and use your spoon or spatula to make sure all of the apple is coated.  Then drip off a bit of the excess Caramel and roll the apple in whatever coating you are using.  Be sure to leave a few apples coated in Just Caramel so that later you can make them in to Apple Pie Apples if you want!

This was tricky to take a picture of while dipping….haha!

Make sure you get your finished products into the fridge ASAP after you dip them.  This ensures that the Caramel will set and not drip down the sides of the apple.  This is especially true with the heavier toppings like the MM’s.  Another tip, spray cooking spray down on the foil or wax paper that you are placing the apples on in the fridge as that will help them to not stick too badly.

YUM!  Make sure you avoid temptation and leave them in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to let them set…or try as hard as you can!

With the Apple Pie Apples, while the bare Caramel apples are firming up in the fridge, prep your toppings.  Mix your cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar together on a plate and melt your white chocolate chips carefully on the stove.  Make sure your white chocolate does not burn.

Then dip the apples into the white chocolate, and roll them in the cinnamon and sugar and place them back in the fridge to harden!  YUM YUM YUM….it is almost EATING time!

Happy Caramel Appleing!

Caramel Apples