Nothing is better than a quick summer recipe that is really easy to make and delicious to boot!  I first had this at a bridal shower and thought that they were just frozen grapes, but after one taste I realized they had some sort of MAGICAL WONDERFULNESS on them.  I promptly asked who made them and got the recipe as fast as I could!  It turns out all it entailed was sprinkling grapes with the sugar free powder of one 3 oz jello packet and then freezing them.  The grapes come out Cold, beautifully frosted and SO delicious.  It has become one of our favorite summertime desserts as it is low calorie and all we have to do is pull a few out of the freezer and serve!  You have to try this…it is SO easy and the best way to eat Grapes!

  • Sugar Free Strawberry Jello packet ( you can use regular Jello if you would like, but using sugar free cuts out a little more sugar!)
  • 1 big bunch of Red or Green Grapes.  I prefer Red with this recipe, but you can use either color.

All you do is wash the grapes, and take them off of the stems.  Put them in a freezer safe tupperware and sprinkle with the Jello powder.  Stir to make sure they are evenly coated and then freeze for at least 4 hours.  That is all there is to it and you have a tasty treat that will have people BEGGING you to tell them what your secret is…and it is up to you whether or not you tell them how easy it really was to make them!